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Mattress Mart…Serving Central Ohio families for over 33 years

Buy locally, support local business, made in Columbus, made in Ohio, made in the USA.

Mattress Shopping Made Comfortable Again…

You are now entering “The Comfort Zone”!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…Stop by one of our 4 Columbus locations and visit our NEW “Comfort Zone” today!

  • Choose a comfort level that feels most comfortable to your body
  • Choose a price point that feels most comfortable to your budget
  • Choose a delivery date or pick up date that is most comfortable to your busy schedule

The “Comfort Zone” located inside all of our stores has 4 simple alternatives as it relates to comfort, all of our beds will give you good firm support but you do have choices when it comes to comfort, here they are:

  1. A softer feel usually a “pillow top” with good firm support
  2. A medium feel called a “plush” with good firm support
  3. A “firm” or “luxury firm” feel with good firm support
  4. A harder feel or “extra firm” surface with good firm support

Don’t forget our 120 Day Rest Easy Guarantee…If you don’t like the mattress you’ve selected you don’t have to keep it!  We do have a policy for that.  There is a one-time exchange policy available to you to take advantage of, if necessary, within 4 months of your delivery date.  Whereby, you can come back in one of our stores and re-select another mattress.  Mattress Mart is committed to getting you a mattress that is comfortable to your body and one you will enjoy sleeping on for a long time to come!


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