Rize Contemporary Series Adjustable Base


The Contemporary is the most popular adjustable base in the Mantua Rize collection. Featuring a segmented body, the Contemporary allows you to adjust your mattress into positions that aren’t possible on most other adjustable bases. The foot of the base lowers to allow for true lounge positioning, and the head of the base adjusts to bolster the support along your head and neck.


  • Modern modular (cushion/comfort) deck support
  • Positions to your personal comfort and support preferences
  • Wall-glide design keeps you in easy reach
  • Therapeutic dual body massage relieves tension, stress, and muscle aches
  • “Gravity release” safety features
  • Foot lowering position for true lounge positioning and relaxation
  • Head rest adjustment to bolster your head and neck with the exclusive head rest feature that reduces stress and tension
  • Wireless hand remote
  • Steel leg balanced stability supports with locking rolling casters
  • UL & ETL certified and approved
  • Includes adjustable headboard brackets
  • Under bed “Room Glow” LED night light provides subtle lighting for safety
  • Backup battery system
  • Available in all sizes
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