PureCare® OmniGuard Advance 5-Sided Mattress Protector (14-18")

$84.99 $139.00

The 5-Sided mattress protector from Fabrictech offers a complete solution for protecting your mattress and your health. Offering waterproof protection on five of the six sides of the mattress, it is specifically designed not to alter the feel of your mattress. It is both dust mite and bed bug proof, and it also protects against a wide variety of allergens. It is approved for almost every mattress type including memory foam, latex foam, air, and innerspring mattresses. The 5-Sided protector is machine washable for easy cleaning.


• Allergen and dust mite proof

• Approved for memory foam, latex, air, and innerspring mattresses

• Waterproof barrier

• Mold and mildew proof

• OmniGuard® Advance fabric

• Limited lifetime warranty

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